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Gifts and Gifting…

Aunty Sim started baking in the early 1990s, and she made traditional cookies to give to relatives and close friends as festive gifts during Chinese New Year.

When relatives and friends shared those cookies with their friends and loved ones, they wanted more and wanted to know where to get them.

That’s how it all started, Aunty Sim’s humble background and her passion for baking drove her to give inexpensive but valuable gifts. In turn, many would like to share her cookies with their loved ones and close friends, near or far.

Over the years, she’s mastered her own unique signature style in her cookies that consistently invoke the feeling of familiarity and the reminiscence of anyone’s childhood days, seeing their mothers or grandmothers in the kitchen.

Now in her 70s, when most will choose to retire, Aunty Sim is heading the other direction. She decided that she will continue the legacy of gifting gifts with passion, and continue baking for a wider consumer base — the ones who appreciate traditional and exquisite cookies, baked with love.

Our Products

Handmade Credibility

Like most Nonya dishes, the Kue Bangkit is one fastidious cookie to crumble, but very few bakers make good handmade ones. Handmade versions in different shapes that symbolize good fortune and prosperity are becoming rare heritage.

Bursting fragrance of coconut
Sweetness that melts in your mouth
Goes really well with tea or coffee
Like a great book, can’t stop once your started.

A sweet treat and poster child of Chinese New Year goodies, pineapple balls symbolize ”arrival of fortune” (旺来). This is a great gift for families, friends and important business partners.

With freshness in bite sizes, the best way to savor this delicacy is to put the whole ball in your mouth and taste the delicious combination of the butter crust and the tanginess of the slow cooked, caramelised pineapple filling encased within.
A real tart in a ball, so to speak.

The unique taste of belinjo crackers that’s popular as a snack in Indonesian restaurants, deconstructed into cookies.
Bittersweet and crunchy with a familiar, homely aftertaste that warms the heart.

Our Mission

Handmade cookies, bringing families together.

  • We believe in sourcing local quality ingredients responsibly
  • We believe in preserving tradition in our cookies
  • We believe in creating job opportunities to local women communities

Popularity & Sales level

Pineapple Balls 90%
Kueh Bangkit 96%
Emping Cookies 88%

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