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Gifts and Gifting…

Aunty Sim started baking in the early 1990s, and she made traditional cookies to give to relatives and close friends as festive gifts during Chinese New Year.

When relatives and friends shared those cookies with their friends and loved ones, they wanted more and wanted to know where to get them.

That’s how it all started, Aunty Sim’s humble background and her passion for baking drove her to give inexpensive but valuable gifts. In turn, many would like to share her cookies with their loved ones and close friends, near or far.

Over the years, she’s mastered her own unique signature style in her cookies that consistently invoke the feeling of familiarity and the reminiscence of anyone’s childhood days, seeing their mothers or grandmothers in the kitchen.

Now in her 70s, when most will choose to retire, Aunty Sim is heading the other direction. She decided that she will continue the legacy of gifting gifts with passion, and continue baking for a wider consumer base — the ones who appreciate traditional and exquisite cookies, baked with love.

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Cookies for all occasions

From birthdays, baby showers, housewarming to corporate events, Pandan street cookies will be a great and thoughtful addition for all occasions.

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Some of our most frequently asked questions

How many types of cookies?

There are 3 types of traditional home baked cookies.

How to order the cookies?

You can Email or WhatsApp us.

Can I buy cookies in bulk?

Yes you can but do give us advance notice. Please email us to know more.

Any preservatives?

We don’t use any preservatives in our cookies.

Do you do deliveries in Singapore?

Fix delivery charge for each destination.

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Father's Day Promotion (A)

Father's Day Promotion (A)
Snack size 1 x Pineapple balls + 1 Kueh Bangkit

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Father's Day Promotion (B)

Father's Day Promotion (B)
Family size exclusive tin can
1 x Pineapple balls + 1 Kueh Bangkit

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Kueh Bangkit - 万吉曲奇 180 g

A traditional coconut cookie

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